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  • Murraya


    Murraya is an evergreen shrub or small tree. Its leaves are compound, consisting of ovate, intact, glossy leaflets, deep green on the upper surface and light green on the lower. Produces numerous white, fragrant flowers followed by red oval fruits. It grows in sunny to semi-shady planting locations and fertile, well-drained soils. It has moderate to small needs for irrigation water.

  • Rhynchospermum Jasminoides


    Evergreen climbing, with leathery, intensely glossy green foliage, which in winter turns brown from the cold. It has dense vegetation covered with numerous asteroids, white, fragrant flowers in late spring. Durable without special soil-climatic requirements.

  • Schefflera


    Perennial plant widely used indoors. It originates from Malaysia. It has a slow growth but can reach a height of about 5 meters. It is a very hardy plant and grows anywhere in the house. Of course, a bright place with indirect sunlight or partial shade is better.

  • Osteomeles Anthyllidifolia


    Osteomeles anthyllidifolia is a sprawling shrub with flexible, prostrate branches that can eventually develop into a large shrub up to 10 feet tall. The glossy green leaves are about 3 inches long and made of up of 15 to 25 small leaflets. The white, slightly fragrant flowers grow in small clusters of 3 to 6 blossoms at the ends of the branches.