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  • Swanes Golden Cypress


    Swanes Golden Cypress is a vigorous ornamental tree with a very stately, columnar shape that can reach up to seven metres in height. It has rather flaky or scaly bark and produces small, spherical female cones. It features dense, green to golden yellow evergreen foliage that can be clipped to shape or left to its own elegant outline. Best in cooler climates, they prefer light, well drained, moist soils of any type.

  • Agave Americana


    Its leaves look like spears and its flowers appear on a 10 meter pole! Withstands very high temperatures. However, it can withstand temperatures well below zero (-10 ° C). It is a plant that grows in all types of soils. Even in very poor. It withstands drought a lot. Water only when the soil is completely dry.

  • Dracaena


    Dracaena is an impressive indoor tree plant with relatively slow growth that can reach a height of 1-2 meters. It thrives in bright places that are not directly hit by sunlight, especially in summer. It is durable and can survive in areas with less light. Dracaena needs watering about every 10 days, while in the hot summer season we water every 5 days.

  • Euphorbia


    The “thorn of Christ”, as it is otherwise called, is a beautiful cactus succulent that has many thorns and characteristic small flowers in different colors. We choose a sunny, bright and warm place for euphorbia. In spring and summer, we water about a once a week, while in winter, the watering of euphorbia becomes even more sparse.

  • Jasmine


    Jasmine is a climbing shrub, usually evergreen but also deciduous. Its leaves are alternate simple or trifoliate and winged. The flowers are white in most species but also yellow, white-pink, pink, blue and blue. They are fragrant and give off a sweet, very pleasant aroma. Jasmine necessarily needs plenty of light, either in direct sunlight or in partial shade. It withstands drought, but needs regular watering during hot periods of time, especially if we grow it in a pot

  • Passion Fruit


    It is a climbing evergreen plant with maximum height nine meters. It has dark green leaves with white – purple flowers. Passion fruit blossoms during the summer and maturates during autumn, while its fruit which is described by orange colour and egg shape, appears at the end of Summer. It prefers South oriented positions and sandy soils and it needs minimum treatment with not frequent watering and few fertilizer input.

  • Pittosporum nana


    Evergreen shrub with a final height of 2-4m, hard, deep green leaves and white-yellow flowers, fragrant, appearing from April to June. Resistant to sea droplets, air pollution and drought.

  • Plumbago Auriculata


    The plumbago, also known as blue jasmine is an impressive deciduous climbing plant. It has dense glossy foliage and rich flowering with beautiful blue flowers that lasts from spring to autumn. It has no special requirements for soil quality, as long as there is good drainage. It needs frequent watering and plenty of water to grow and bloom, especially in summer.

  • Stephanotis Floribunda


    Climbing plant with glossy, deep green, oval and fast growing leaves. It is especially decorative especially for its white and very fragrant flowers, which appear in inflorescences during the period of Spring and Summer. Prefers areas with mild climates, sheltered and shady places and fertile soils. It grows and knits quickly on railings and pergolas even if planted in a large pot. It has significant water requirements and needs regular watering.

  • Viburnum Lucidum


    ‘Lucidum’ is a vigorous form of of Viburnum with slightly larger leaves than the species. Also the flowerheads, opening white in March and April, are larger than the type. In all other aspects similar. When trained to tree form, it provides a very ornamental and manageable screening solution for a domestic garden. The leaves are dark green and elliptic; blackish-blue berries follow the tiny, blush-white flowers. The shrub tolerates pruning very well, but it is important to time this carefully if flowering is desired. Hardy.

  • Bougainvillea


    Bougainvillea is a sturdy, climbing, deciduous plant with more or less thorny branches. It has rich flowering thanks to the various flower bracts and different colors. Requires frequent watering during the summer months, plenty of light and light soil. It does not withstand low temperatures and is sensitive to frost.

  • Lonicera


    Sturdy plant, with gray-green leaves and pink or pale yellow flowers. It is resistant to cold, poor soils and semi-shady places. Its fragrant flowers are in the shape of a trumpet, they appear from the beginning of Spring until the end of Summer and their color starts from cream and light yellow to bright red and rose. Sometimes they are accompanied by beautiful fruits whose color can be white, yellow, orange, red, blue or even black.