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  • Strelitzia Reginae


    Strelitzia reginae is an evergreen shrub that looks like a succulent. Its maximum height is 1.2-1.5m. It has erect vegetation and long, hard stems, in the center of which the flowering stem appears. Makes striking, bright orange and purple flowers that emerge through green bracts of purple shades. It grows in fertile, cool and dry soils.

  • Eugenia Myrtifolia


    Eugenia is a compact, upright shrub or fast-growing tree. It has very beautiful, special and shiny, dark green or panacea (green-yellow) foliage. Its leaves are small and round, and in summer they become reddish. Shows a creamy bloom in summer. Can be pruned for formations and fences. Suitable for coastal areas. It is sensitive to very low temperatures.

  • Rosa Climbing


    The climbing Rose is a deciduous, thorny, climbing species. It looks like an ornamental bush and has different varieties and different flowers and colors. It blooms greatly from early summer to autumn. It has no special requirements.

  • Roses Nana


    Miniature roses are generally twiggy, repeat-flowering shrubs ranging from 6″ to 36″ in height, with most falling in the 12″–24″ height range. Blooms come in all the hybrid tea colors; many varieties also emulate the classic high-centered hybrid tea flower shape. Owing to their small stature, they make excellent plants for containers, hanging baskets and window boxes. Miniature roses are often marketed and sold by the floral industry as houseplants, but they grow poorly in the dry air and reduced light of average home and office conditions, and are best reserved for outdoor gardening.

  • Justicia brandegeeana


    Justicia brandegeeana, the Mexican shrimp plant, shrimp plant or false hop, is an evergreen shrub in the genus Justicia of the acanthus family Acanthaceae, native to Mexico, and also naturalized in Florida. It grows to 1 m tall with spindly limbs. The leaves are oval, green, 3–7.5 cm long

  • Arecastrum


    Arecastrum is an excellent fast-growing palm. It has a grayish, relatively smooth trunk. Its leaves are few but strong, 3-4 m long. It blooms on long cobs with small, greenish and orange flowers in summer. They are followed by numerous, oval fruits, with a bright yellow-orange color. It does not tolerate frost and prefers sunny planting sites and moist soils.

  • Aloe Vera


    Aloe Vera, known to all of us for its beneficial abilities, is a plant that belongs to the category of lilies and reaches from 60 to 100 cm in height. The leaves are thick and fleshy, green to green-gray, with some varieties showing white spots on the leaf surfaces. The outline of the leaves has small white thorns. It produces flowers in summer, which hang from a single stem. The planting soil should be sandy or quite porous. A small amount of water and frequent watering.

  • Levandulla


    The name lavender is known for several phryganic aromatic plants that belong to the genus levandula. Mostly they are evergreen species, but the common lavender is semi-evergreen and in cold regions it completely loses its foliage. In addition, its leaves are oblong with gray-green color. Lavender does not tolerate watering and fertilizing. They are planted in sunny places. They do not grow well in wet and heavy soils and their soil should be enriched with sand and gravel.

  • Mersinia


    It is an evergreen shrub up to 3 m tall. The leaves of Mersinia are small and have a dark green glossy color. Its fruits can be either black or white. It blooms from May to August and its fruits ripen from October to January. Mersinia prefers sunny or semi-shady areas of the garden or balcony. It is a plant resistant to high temperatures. It needs regular watering, especially in summer. At the end of winter the myrtle is pruned to maintain its shape.

  • Origanum Vulgare


    An essential herb that we use every day for its unique taste and wonderful aroma! With a height ranging from 20 to 80 cm, oregano blooms from June, mainly, until August and has small green leaves and flowers in white and purple. It has no special requirements for the soil, as long as it has very good drainage to remove water. It is important to water the oregano during the summer to withstand the high heat and heat.

  • Rosmarinus Officinalis


    Rosemary is a popular aromatic plant of Mediterranean nature that we can very easily grow in a pot, in the yard and on our balcony. We choose a sunny or semi-shady place on our balcony or in our yard to place the rosemary with the pot. The rosemary has small requirements in terms of watering and fertilization.

  • Santolina Chamaecyparissus


    Levantine is a perennial plant with short, hard, toothed, silver-colored leaves. Summer has numerous, yellow flowers in spherical inflorescences, without petals. It thrives in warm climates and calcareous soils and is suitable for coastal planting.