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  • Wild Olive Tree


    It is a small, neat evergreen tree with a dense spreading crown of glossy grey-green to dark green leaves that is silvery underneath. The rough, grey bark sometimes peels off in strips. Wild Olive or Olienhout, bears sprays of tiny, lightly scented flowers during summer, followed by small, thinly fleshy fruits (either sweet or sour) which ripen purple-black.Needs full sun and will tolerate temperatures ranging from about -5°C to 40°C but you will have to protect it the first few winters. It is slow-growing, drought and wind-resistant and is a good shade or screen plant in the home garden. Do not plant it too close to walls, patios or swimming pools. Popular to use for bonsai. Wild Olive can be used to stabilize erosion dongas and ditches. Can be propagated from seed or from hardwood cuttings.