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  • Cupressus Arizonica

    Cupressus Arizonica is an evergreen coniferous tree adapted to dry environments that reproduce by seed. Cupressus arizonica is reported as invasive in Haleakala National Park, Hawaii

  • Cupressus Marcocarpa Goldcrest

    It is a coniferous tree with a conical shape and height that reaches a height of 8-10m. Its foliage has a bright yellow color with a characteristic aroma that resembles that of lemon and for this reason the plant is also called lemon cypress. In mild and cool climates, its rapid growth is favored, while with proper pruning it can create a natural fence. It can also be planted individually or in clusters. In any case, it needs enough sun and air for its proper development.

  • Leyland Cypress

    Leyland is a coniferous species of rapid growth that in the first 10 years does not exceed 5-6 m. Its foliage is dark green and prefers cold areas. A durable plant that adapts to all soils and is used for tall fences or individual plantings.

  • Swanes Golden Cypress

    Swanes Golden Cypress is a vigorous ornamental tree with a very stately, columnar shape that can reach up to seven metres in height. It has rather flaky or scaly bark and produces small, spherical female cones. It features dense, green to golden yellow evergreen foliage that can be clipped to shape or left to its own elegant outline. Best in cooler climates, they prefer light, well drained, moist soils of any type.