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  • Dragon Fruit


    Dragon fruit is a succulent or cactus species. It can reach up to 3 meters in height, as well as climb like a vineyard. The fruit is red on the outside and has white flesh on the inside. It bears fruit 3-6 times a year, depending on the climate and cultivation care. It prefers sunny places and grows in dry environment.

  • Agave Americana


    Its leaves look like spears and its flowers appear on a 10 meter pole! Withstands very high temperatures. However, it can withstand temperatures well below zero (-10 ° C). It is a plant that grows in all types of soils. Even in very poor. It withstands drought a lot. Water only when the soil is completely dry.

  • Euphorbia


    The “thorn of Christ”, as it is otherwise called, is a beautiful cactus succulent that has many thorns and characteristic small flowers in different colors. We choose a sunny, bright and warm place for euphorbia. In spring and summer, we water about a once a week, while in winter, the watering of euphorbia becomes even more sparse.